Our Meat

We’re confident it’s some of the best you will ever taste.


We work closely with local farmer Tim Johnson at Stokes Marsh Farm, Coulston, just nine miles from Devizes, who supplies most of our beef from his herd of outstanding Aberdeen Angus and Hereford crosses. We select the heifers only as their smaller size and consistency of quality is better than the males. Each piece is hung to reach its optimum level of maturity, treated individually, and checked daily. Our beef has enough fat between the muscles, and is marbled within, to give both great succulence and flavour.


Pork is underrated – largely because so many people get it wrong. Our pork comes from pigs reared by Cameron and Muriel Naughton at Bishops Cannings, just three miles from Devizes. They produce pork with the ‘all too rare’ intra-muscular fat (marbling) that gives the fully-flavoured, tender and succulent meat thats an almost-forgotten experience these days. Our pork is firm textured, rose pink, with a light cover of beautiful white fat and dry rind for fantastic crackling.


We source as much of our lamb as possible from the Wiltshire and Somerset meadows and chalk downlands. Lamb production is a seasonal affair so we move further afield during the course of the year, always buying the best we can possibly get. Our new-season lamb is delicately pale in colour and exceptionally tender, with a beautifully sweet and subtle flavour. After a season’s grazing, our lamb is more mature and this is reflected in a fuller flavoured meat.


Our poultry demonstrates just how good chicken can taste – a true alternative to the dull, bland products that are so commonly supplied these days. For our free range product we select farmers who produce a more mature chicken, which is both properly finished and full of flavour. Our free range poultry is therefore not mass produced; it is raised in small groups – free to forage during daylight hours – to ensure firm flesh with just a touch more fat than the norm for superb tenderness and supreme flavour.

Cameron and Muriel were recently awarded Pig Producer of the Year at the Pig and Poultry Marketing awards.
You can read all about their success by clicking on this link.