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Surviving Winter campaign

It starts with a Walter Rose & Son bang(er)



We’re extremely proud to have teamed up with The Wiltshire Community Foundation to find a way to use our butchery skills to raise funds for their Surviving Winter Campaign.

The Cook family got together and used our combined expertise to produce a special ‘Winter Warmer’ sausage that is going to support their appeal (really!). The Wiltshire Community Foundation appeal is important because it helps those in fuel poverty by giving them a £300 donation towards their heating bills.


The ‘Winter Warmer’ sausage contains delicious local pork from Cameron Norton’s farm with chipotle, jalapeño and Indian chilli peppers – This spicy little number will certainly warm the cockles with steaming hot mash or garlic rice!

The ‘Winter Warmer’ sausages are now on sale right here online or you can buy them by coming in to see us on Sidmouth Street, Devizes. We will donate 30 per cent of all profits to this important appeal.

We are a family firm and we know the winter months can be a struggle for older folk. We are really pleased to be able to support the Wiltshire Community Foundation’s ‘Surviving Winter’ campaign.

To keep in line with the campaign, the sausages spices add just the right amount of heat in them to keep out the cold while complementing the wonderful pork filling.

Hopefully we’ll see you in store soon and we’d love to discuss The Wiltshire Community Foundation with anyone who wishes too.

Last year the Surviving Winter appeal gave £300 grants to 257 individuals across Swindon and Wiltshire.


Statistics suggest 300 older or vulnerable people in Wiltshire will die from illnesses related to the cold this year. It says older people’s bodies are less efficient at keeping in heat, which means they have to turn their heating up more often to stay warm. But many cannot afford to do so. The less able find it hard to move around, and consequently feel the cold more.


Wiltshire Community Foundation chief executive Rosemary Macdonald said: “We are so grateful for the support of a wonderful Devizes business such as Walter Rose & Son. Their support is a great example of a firm showing concern for its community.

“The majority of people who suffer premature winter-related death are aged over 65, and 75 per cent of these deaths are due to the impact that cold has on respiratory and circulatory conditions.

“All across Swindon and Wiltshire more than 30,000 people are living in fuel poverty. They spend ten per cent of their annual income on heating alone and have to make the harsh choice between eating and heating. That is a shameful statistic in 2018 and things are getting worse.”

If you feel that ‘Winter Warmer’ sausage campaign not enough and you want to donate further funds to the appeal, please click here.