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Pukka Partridge is Here!


The 1st September was a very special day for us here at Walter Rose HQ as it marked the start of the partridge season. The red-legged partridge is a gamebird in the pheasant family and is sometimes known as French Partridge.

Steve Cook, third generation butcher and Director at Walter Rose & Son absolutely loves a partridge and says

“The eagerly awaited game season commences with Grouse and is quickly followed by Partridge (1st September).

The hanging of this bird is vital to its ultimate enjoyment. All game birds should be hung by their necks as this enables the blood to drain from the breast. They should also be hung in their entirety (i.e. feathers on and eviscerated). It is preferable to hang them in a cool dry place such as a barn.

The length of the 'hanging period' depends much on the ambient temperature, and the humidity. The Partridge is a comparatively small bird and will mature quite quickly in milder weather (often quite warm in September). As the flavours grow and the texture improves it is well advised that the consumer monitors the bird carefully and cooks it when he considers it will achieve the maximum enjoyment for him or herself.

It is too often the case these days that Partridge and all Game birds are not hung correctly if at all, leading to a boring, bland experience.

Simply roasting the bird will enable you to fully appreciate the distinctive, full flavours that can be achieved. I suggest eating the bird with your fingers enabling you to totally dismantle the carcase and strip all morsels from the bone.

He Concludes

“The sweetest meat is next to the bone!”

The good news is that the season runs from the 1st September to the 1st February so order yours from us today at just £2.25 each.

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