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New Premium, Grass-fed, Free Range Local Chicken Arriving Soon!


Walter Rose have teamed-up with local chicken producer ‘Poultry with Pride’ to offer traditionally-reared premium chickens

Walter Rose & Son today announced a collaboration with local chicken farmers, Poultry with Pride – together they will encourage the local community to think differently about chicken consumption, by producing and selling premium grass-fed free-range chickens. They hope this will encourage the local community to think differently about meat consumption.


The happy, grass-fed chickens of Tyddyn Terrwyn

This traditional slow growing strain of poultry is bred and raised from chicks, right through to slaughter, on the farm. They are reared in small batches where they are free to express their natural habits of sun bathing, dust washing, scratching around for bugs or just sitting gossiping in social groups.

Shut away at night in freshly strawed houses to protect them from predators, by day they are free to graze on herbal leys, this giving them the highest welfare standards possible, with no antibiotics or growth hormones.

Dry plucked and hung to improve texture and flavour, this ‘old fashioned’ way of raising poultry produces meat with is satisfying and nourishing, providing more than one meal from a bird. The majority of mass produced chicken is reared indoors in vast numbers, both detrimental to British Farming and the nations health.

Walter Rose supports farmers by selling their meat, including these chickens, to offer their customers the best local produce available, thereby helping their customers and the rural infrastructure of shops and farms. The chickens will be available next month from Walter Rose & Son’s butchers shop in Sidmouth Street, Devizes.

Walter Rose & Son hope by promoting the chickens, that the community will try the produce and consider how local produce can be healthier and tastier than what is offered in local supermarkets.

Walter Rose and the community

Charlie Cook who co-runs Walter Rose & Son with his brother Jack and father Steve Cook, said, “We are always looking for new ways to offer something unique for the community. The Guardian reported last week that chickens are becoming the world’s most popular meat, so we would like to remind people what it should taste like.”

Gwen Phillips who runs Poultry with Pride said, “We’re excited to have these very special chickens on sale in Devizes and at such an iconic butchers. It is important that everyone knows about how chickens really should be raised.”

Orders for the first arrivals can be made now – Call us on 01380 722335 and reserve your bird today!