Hog Roast

If you are planning an outside event such as a wedding, a garden party or a charity event and need to cater for a number of people then a Hog Roast provides the ideal solution.

In order to fit in with your needs and your budget we offer a number of options, these include:

  • We attend your function and we cook, carve and serve the meat to your guests. In addition we provide all of the condiments, breads and salads and if required desserts.
  • We attend your function and cook, carve and serve the meat but you provide all of the condiments and any additional food you wish to serve.
  • If you or one of your guests fancy themselves as a chef then you can hire the equipment from us with your choice of meat. We show you how to cook and serve your roast and then return after the event to pick up the equipment.
  • We roast the meat and deliver it to your function ready to serve and then return after the event to collect any equipment

In addition to Hog Roasts we also offer Lamb, Hogget and Mutton as well as cuts of Beef.

All outdoor reared from West End Farm in Bishop Cannings. We can offer 20kg sides of pork which feed around 50 people- up to 4 x 75kg pigs which cater for up to 800 people.
Lamb & Hogget
Locally sourced, wonderful when slow roasted, a 25kg lamb will feed approximately 50 people.
Perfect for those that prefer their meat with a fuller flavour which really benefits from a slow cook. A whole mutton will feed about 80 people.
Locally sourced from Stokes Marsh farm, our beef is dry aged in our state of the art fridges. Our beef is slow roasted on the bone so that it literally just pulls to pieces, whole rumps and loins are simply outstanding when roasted this way. Some of the cheaper cuts also benefit from this slow roast and due to their higher fat content lose nothing when it comes to taste.

Finally to take the hassle out of catering for larger groups we also offer a number of salad options to complement the meat as well as breads, rolls and condiments. In addition we can also provide desserts to finish off the meal.

To find about more about our Hog Roasts and to make an enquiry please fill out the form below and one of the team will be in touch shortly.